See You in 2021

From July 28th to August 1st 2021

Brøndby Cup 2020 is canceled

Unfortunately, we must announce that Brøndby Cup 2020 has been canceled. This is done on the basis of Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen's announcement on Monday, April 6, which means that larger events are still not allowed until end August and include Brøndby Cup.

We expected it to happen, and are saddened by it on behalf of the 4-5,000 young footballers, the many coaches / leaders as well as all parents, grandparents, etc. we have to disappoint, but we have great respect for the decision. The risk of infection spreading is too great when so many people are gathered and that consideration is by far the most important. We must not jeopardize the health and safety of our guests and the over 400 volunteers.

We promise that we will return strongly next year with a Brøndby Cup as everyone knows it, and we have already start planning for Brøndby Cup on 28th. July - 1st. August 2021 where we hope to see you all.

If you have already paid team and participant fees, during week 16 you will receive an email on how to get the amount paid back.

Take good care of each other. See you at the Brøndby Cup on 28. july - 1. August 2021.

Brøndby Cup Denmark is ready to receive the first entries for 2020

Brøndby Cup Denmark 2019 was a great success and we will repeat it in 2020.

Brøndby Cup Denmark 2019 was the biggest success since we opened our doors in 1979 for the first time.

In 2019 we made a record with 322 teams from 18 countries, it made us experience many different football cultures.

We will always make the experience and memories good for our participants, and 2020 should not be an exception.

Our big gathering point was the event area where our action park with bouncy castles, and cafe area with beverages sales, pork roast sandwiches, pancakes etc. were filled from morning to evening.

It is also possible in the event area to make a good purchase in the large sportsmaster tent.


See You in 2020

Thanks to all players, coaches, supporters, parents, volunteers and sponsors who helped make the Brøndby Cup a successful and fantastic tournament.

Brøndby Cup hope to see you again next year.

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