From July 31st to August 4th

See You in 2019

Thanks to all players, coaches, supporters, parents, volunteers and sponsors who helped make the Brøndby Cup a successful and fantastic tournament.

We have a great wish that the Brøndby Cup is being developed for an even better tournament, and for that we need your help.

Therefore, within the next few weeks, we will send an evaluation schedule to each trainer. We very much hope, that you will answer the questionnaire.

Brøndby Cup hope to see you again next year.

Cup Magazine 2018

This years Brøndby Cup Magazine are ready for download. Use this link.


We would like to thank all players, coaches, supporters and parents for participating in this year’s Brøndby Cup.

This year was a record breaking year and it is so fantastic that you all have been a part of it.

All the videos and pictures that were taken by our photographers during the Cup are available for viewing on our website and Facebook page.

Thanks again and see you all at Brøndby Cup 2018.

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