From July 29th to August 2nd

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About Brøndby Cup

Brondby Cup's history stretches back to 1979, when Brøndby IF for the first time held a major international youth tournament.

At that time the tournament's name was Copenhagen Cup.

The tournament has always been held in the summer with the idea to create an atmosphere, where teams from all over the world can meet up, to experience both the sporting and social sides of football.

Even if all countries are governed by the same set of playing rules, we have still much to learn from each other about the way football is played.

Over the years we have amongst others welcomed teams from the following countries:

Bermuda, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, England, Germany, France, Poland, Turkey, Spain, Russia, Armenia, Romania, USA, Uruguay, Taiwan, Faroe Island, Canada, Slovakia, Czech republicLithuaniaNetherlands, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Northern Ireland, Palestine and of course Denmark.

Over the years, the Copenhagen Cup and later Brondby Cup were settled exclusively by volunteers.

Many use a week of their summer vacation to make the tournament a success for both teams and their parents and for Brøndby IF.


Riza Durmisi: It’s about having fun whilst daring to make mistakes

20 year old Riza Durmisi took part in his first Brøndby Cup when he was just an under 14’s player. He quotes “Brøndby Cup is a tournament filled with strong teams from Denmark as well as international opposition, which helped me learn a lot about football back then”. He adds, “Amongst our opponents, were our local rivals from FC Copenhagen. We played them twice in the group stage and then once again in the final. I was fun to play in those games because we did it with the same intensity and atmosphere as is present at the senior pro games these days when we meet!”

Riza Durmisi has developed from starting as a Brøndby youth player at the age of 9 to being a first choice left back as a full time Brøndby IF professional. He made his first team debut for the yellow and blues on August 26th in 2012.  

Having fun

Riza Durmisi started his career in a little local club called SB50 Ishøj. Even then he was amongst the best talents and was at the young age of 8 already scouted by Brøndby IF. He smiles “It was all just about having fun and learning to love the game back then. It was in fact my dad who generated my passion for the game. He himself was a goalkeeper. He didn’t mean I was cut out for that position because of my lack of height! He told me I should probably concentrate on playing in a field position”. It was clear back then that Riza Durmisi had a talent beyond average amongst the other boys.

Riza on the Brøndby Cup

”It is a really strong tournament and don’t be surprised if you come across and play against really good players that are stronger and better than yourself”. Riza Durmisi also recalls the fun moments running around the schools in the evenings when not playing, buying sweets and jokingly having a great laugh and time.

“Brøndby Cup also offers the opportunity of meeting other players and getting to know them better, even though they play for opposing sides. I met my team mates today Andrew Hjulsager and Frederik Holst there. These days we are great friends and it is great to think of the history we have together from being a part of the Brøndby Cup tournament”. Riza Durmisi’s advice to the youngsters that are going to compete this year – “remember to learn from others, have lots of fun and dare to make mistakes, even though you are in the final”

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